We love the idea that life can grow out of almost any hard place. Our 4×4 garden is thriving on a concrete slab, which made us think of some other unusual locations we’ve seen plants bloom and blossom!

How beautiful are these living rooftops? Multifunctional, they offer a lovely sight, lower city-wide temps, save building heating/cooling by 20%, and are a restored natural habitat for insects and once-extinct flowers.

The thought is that the ground taken is restored with a roof on top. Love the idea of redemption!

You never know what you’ll come across while hiking paths along the river. Check out this determined branch, pushing through the tough bark that once confined it.

Or perhaps nesting in a hollowed out space? Bringing new life to a place emptied of its former life? Love this tree stump hydrangea.

Inner city California is brightened with these gorgeous displays of flowers planted in the cracked up cement walls and sidewalks. Beautiful!

Sometimes in the hardest places roots go the deepest, as we’re sure this tree in an El Salvadorian park run.

Prickly barbed wire and fences don’t deter these sweet succulents from displaying their bright colors!

And why not add a handful or two of confetti to brighten up the tough spots? {From the streets of Altaco, El Salvador}

Where is somewhere unusual you’ve seen flowers/plants growing?

Happy Harvest!
Samantha and HG