We went out of town for Memorial Day weekend with lots of green broccoli . . . and came back to yellow flowers. Umm, is it just us or did you know that broccoli flowers? Yep, flowers!

The green heads are clusters of unopened flower buds (seriously, how did we not know this??). The prime time to harvest broccoli is when the buds begin to swell, hopefully in the cool of the spring (broccoli is a spring/fall crop, not a summer one). However, if temps spike, yellow flowers may appear before the heads are ready to harvest.

We figured we would harvest our broccoli heads when they were big, like the kind in the grocery store. But most of our heads were less than a few inches in diameter before they started flowering. If the weather had stayed cool, our heads would’ve grown to 4-6 inches across before flowering.

We had a very mild / cool spring, keeping the soil and our broccoli cool. However, over the last week, temps rose to about 90 degrees, heating up everything . . . and giving us quite the beautiful display of sunshiny yellow flowers!

The great news is, these flowers are edible. Supposedly they have a mild flavor, slightly broccoli-like. Some specialty stores even sell these flowers as a garnish for salads. We’ll be pairing ours with the last of our spinach and romaine!

Has your broccoli flowered?

Happy Harvest!
Samantha and Hayley Grace