Hi friends, how’s your garden growing? Ours is coming right along! Aphids are under control, slugs have slithered far away, and our harvest is growing plentiful. Here’s a lil’ update.

1.} GREEN BEANS Ho! Ho! Ho! From two weeks ago . . .

2.} GREEN BEANS one week ago . . .

3.} GREEN BEANS today.

1.} SWEET PEAS Do you remember this sweetie from earlier this week?

2.} SWEET PEAS today!

1.} BROCCOLI Baby trees quickly grow into  . . .

2.} BROCCOLI Forests!!

1.} TOMATO flowers.

2.} TOMATO tee-tiny bulbs.

3.} TOMATOES one week closer to sandwiches.

Our cantaloupe, blueberries, strawberries, romaine, carrots, potatoes and herbs are doing well! It seems our sweet onions will need to be pulled out as they’ve rotted in the ground {bummer!}. Here’s a glimpse of our lil’ crop over the weeks.

1.} Week 1

2.} Week 3

3.} Week 5

4.} Week 8

We’re in Zone 7, which means now is a great time to clear out the spinach and okra {which didn’t do so well anyhow}. And time to plant winter & summer squash, another round of lettuce, tomatoes & beans, start celery, and we hope to try corn. Yum!

What’s growing in your garden?

Happy Harvest!
HG and Sambo