Your space might be limited, but the options of gardens aren’t! Our 4×4 raised bed sits on a 6×6 concrete slab. . . just enough room for our other containers.

Here are some cute & clever gardening ideas for you!

1. Love these Mason Jar gardens! A bright sunny spot and recycled spaghetti jars is about all you’ll need.

Or how about this cookie jar filled with succulents?

2. As you pull weeds, keep your little ones busy with their very own garden.

A princess garden for girlies:

And a fishing hole for boys:

3. Have the crazy storms taken out your trees, leaving you with stumps? No problem! Plant a Stump Garden.

4. Washed out paint cans…yes please! This would be a sweet way to gift transplants to friends, family & neighbors.

Or perhaps tea tins

5. How dahlin’ is this Picnic Basket Garden for a Mother’s Day gift or Bridal Shower tee party? Goodwill usually has baskets for $1-3 dollars.

6. Boots and Barefeet LOVE this one! A shoe organizer. Clever!!

And organized shoes!

7. Can’t spend a minute apart from your plants? No problem! Take them with you on the go.

8. Pick up a palette in the back of almost any store. You could plant veggies or plant flowers.

9. And these are just plain cute!

What’s your creative gardening container tips?

Happy Harvest!
HG and Sambo