Winners of Dishcloths!

Congratulations to the winners of our beautiful, handmade dishcloths from our sweet friend Amy Douglas!!!

We randomly picked comments #6 and #10:
Amy at and Crystal at

{We’re so excited for you!}

Please send your mailing addresses to and we’ll get those in the mail to you.

Happy Harvest!
Hayley Grace & Sam


Shared Joy

One bean is more than enough when split with a friend! We had one bean last week and decided to split it. After all, “Shared joy is a double joy.” {Swedish proverb}


What’s your favorite kind of bean?

Happy Harvest!
Sam and HG

p.s. Yes, we DO sing the “Beans, Beans, the Musical Fruit” song every time we pick some! {Smiles!}

Cracked Tomatoes

Happy Independence Day to our American friends! In honor of the Red, White and Blue, we’re sharing about our red.

Red tomatoes are such a joy to walk out to the garden and see. What we’re not so happy about is the cracked skin on this ‘mater.

{oops! a bit out of focus.}

These cracks occur when the soil is dry and then the plant watered in excess. {Flash summer rainstorms are prime suspects!} The inside of the tomato soaks up the extra water and expands quickly. The skin doesn’t have time to stretch and voila, we have a crack.

It’s an easy fix to prevent though! Water consistently {yep, that was my bad for missing a day in 105 degree temps!} and if your soil does dry out, water slowly. Then add a layer of mulch to keep the soil moist.

The great news is, cracked tomatoes are still edible! Just pick as soon as you see it to avoid infection, and cut off the area when eating. We shared ours with Sam’s co-workers.

Happy 4th of July and Happy Harvest!
Samantha & HG


A Give Away and Replanting! By: HG

Hi guys, this is Hayley Grace!

First of all we want to give a big thanks to Amy Douglas for sending us the Dish Cloths! We will certainly use those for drying off veggies and fruits or making food. We love them! Amy gave some to us and some for She Cooks ….and some for you!!!!

We are doing a give-away and if you want to be a part of it then comment and you have a chance to win one of Amy’s beautiful cloths!


{Amy’s awesome cloths!}

About a month ago we had trouble with our garden. We had to pull out our Lettuce, Spinach, and Broccoli. It was going downhill. I knew that this was bad and I didn’t want our garden to eventually die. So we took action.

We planted Zucchini, Squash, and transplanted our Cantaloupe from a smaller container to our garden. It now seems lively again. I know if I was doing this garden without Sam I would definitely not even know half the things I do about gardening as I do now.

I’ve tried with my mom and it didn’t really work out. My mom is a good gardener but I was about 4 and we really didn’t have the time. I am glad that I am gardening now and that my mom occasionally will come with me and help us and take pictures. These two girls (My mom and Sam) are my two favorite girls ever and I wouldn’t want anyone else to garden with and be my mom.


{my mom, me and Sam after my talent show}

Growing in the Hard Places

We love the idea that life can grow out of almost any hard place. Our 4×4 garden is thriving on a concrete slab, which made us think of some other unusual locations we’ve seen plants bloom and blossom!

How beautiful are these living rooftops? Multifunctional, they offer a lovely sight, lower city-wide temps, save building heating/cooling by 20%, and are a restored natural habitat for insects and once-extinct flowers.

The thought is that the ground taken is restored with a roof on top. Love the idea of redemption!

You never know what you’ll come across while hiking paths along the river. Check out this determined branch, pushing through the tough bark that once confined it.

Or perhaps nesting in a hollowed out space? Bringing new life to a place emptied of its former life? Love this tree stump hydrangea.

Inner city California is brightened with these gorgeous displays of flowers planted in the cracked up cement walls and sidewalks. Beautiful!

Sometimes in the hardest places roots go the deepest, as we’re sure this tree in an El Salvadorian park run.

Prickly barbed wire and fences don’t deter these sweet succulents from displaying their bright colors!

And why not add a handful or two of confetti to brighten up the tough spots? {From the streets of Altaco, El Salvador}

Where is somewhere unusual you’ve seen flowers/plants growing?

Happy Harvest!
Samantha and HG

Broccoli Flowers Taste Like . . .

We were so surprised our green broccoli turned yellow! Crazy, huh? We uprooted all but one broccoli stem, which we’ll be super careful to keep an eye on.

We were pretty sad the other heads of broccoli wouldn’t become Maw-Maw’s Broccoli Cheese Casserole.

But, we decided to give the flowers a try . . . and were pleasantly surprised! The flowers taste like a mild bite of broccoli. Very good!

So we’re adding them to our salads for lunch this week! Delish!

A few others treats we picked were sweet peas . . .

And the world’s tiniest strawberry {Smiles}!

But we’ll have to wait on our carrots. Not quite ready!

What’s your favorite casserole recipe?

Happy Harvest!
Sambo and HG

Our Broccoli Has Yellow Flowers!

We went out of town for Memorial Day weekend with lots of green broccoli . . . and came back to yellow flowers. Umm, is it just us or did you know that broccoli flowers? Yep, flowers!

The green heads are clusters of unopened flower buds (seriously, how did we not know this??). The prime time to harvest broccoli is when the buds begin to swell, hopefully in the cool of the spring (broccoli is a spring/fall crop, not a summer one). However, if temps spike, yellow flowers may appear before the heads are ready to harvest.

We figured we would harvest our broccoli heads when they were big, like the kind in the grocery store. But most of our heads were less than a few inches in diameter before they started flowering. If the weather had stayed cool, our heads would’ve grown to 4-6 inches across before flowering.

We had a very mild / cool spring, keeping the soil and our broccoli cool. However, over the last week, temps rose to about 90 degrees, heating up everything . . . and giving us quite the beautiful display of sunshiny yellow flowers!

The great news is, these flowers are edible. Supposedly they have a mild flavor, slightly broccoli-like. Some specialty stores even sell these flowers as a garnish for salads. We’ll be pairing ours with the last of our spinach and romaine!

Has your broccoli flowered?

Happy Harvest!
Samantha and Hayley Grace

GardeninGirls at Week 8

Hi friends, how’s your garden growing? Ours is coming right along! Aphids are under control, slugs have slithered far away, and our harvest is growing plentiful. Here’s a lil’ update.

1.} GREEN BEANS Ho! Ho! Ho! From two weeks ago . . .

2.} GREEN BEANS one week ago . . .

3.} GREEN BEANS today.

1.} SWEET PEAS Do you remember this sweetie from earlier this week?

2.} SWEET PEAS today!

1.} BROCCOLI Baby trees quickly grow into  . . .

2.} BROCCOLI Forests!!

1.} TOMATO flowers.

2.} TOMATO tee-tiny bulbs.

3.} TOMATOES one week closer to sandwiches.

Our cantaloupe, blueberries, strawberries, romaine, carrots, potatoes and herbs are doing well! It seems our sweet onions will need to be pulled out as they’ve rotted in the ground {bummer!}. Here’s a glimpse of our lil’ crop over the weeks.

1.} Week 1

2.} Week 3

3.} Week 5

4.} Week 8

We’re in Zone 7, which means now is a great time to clear out the spinach and okra {which didn’t do so well anyhow}. And time to plant winter & summer squash, another round of lettuce, tomatoes & beans, start celery, and we hope to try corn. Yum!

What’s growing in your garden?

Happy Harvest!
HG and Sambo